Home Insurance

Home Insurance

For most homeowners, insurance is not an option. When choosing home insurance in Oklahoma, however, look beyond protecting the mortgage company and meeting state requirements; you need to protect your family as well. Your Oklahoma home insurance policy can cover a variety of problems. Common policies will cover:

  • Total destruction of a home
  • Property that is unusable 
  • Loss of personal property
  • Personal liability for injury
  • Personal liability for property damage

Circumstances may require you to personalize your home insurance policy. For example. A home office might require you to add business owner’s coverage. Oklahoma business insurance can cover liability, building, business property and loss of income. 

You should also consider purchasing scheduled personal protection for your prized items such as jewelry or collectibles or boat insurance to protect you from loss, damage, or liability.

One risk that your standard home insurance policy in Oklahoma will probably not cover is flooding. No matter where you live, flooding can cause catastrophic damage. It cannot always be predicted, and 20% of claims come from low-risk areas. Adding this additional layer of coverage will protect you from a potentially devastating loss.

Home insurance is not just for homeowners. Condo owners and renters have specific needs, and policies are tailored to fit different circumstances. No matter where you call home, make sure that you are covered in an emergency.

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