Insider Insurance Secrets to Success You Need to Know Right Now

Insider Insurance Secrets to Success You Need to Know Right Now

Insider Insurance Secrets to Success You Need to Know Right Now

When the day’s heat begins to swelter before noon and the sounds outside your window at night are snap, crackle and pop, you know it's summertime in the USA. And the official start of summer means America’s celebration of independence is getting close. It seems the party starts earlier every year, with fireworks filling the skies up to weeks before the big day. Everywhere you look, stars and stripes are being hung and communities are planning events to commemorate the occasion. Pie-baking contests, rodeos, carnivals and BBQ cook-offs top the list of things to do any given weekend, with the local pool being the main daytime attraction for kids.

And it's no wonder people are coming together, since freedom is something really worth celebrating. Although the Fourth of July marks when our nation gained its independence, it’s also the time of year we like to pause and reflect on what freedom means to our company.

Our independence as a local Oklahoma insurance agency is something we’re proud of and go to great measures to uphold.The fact that we’ve remained independent since 1980 is a testament to how we do business, which is by always putting our clients first. Our superior customer service is what sets us apart and is best achieved by remaining independent, which gives us the ability to extend various benefits along to our clients.


Being an independent agency means we have the freedom to represent more than one company. Whereas a lot of agencies are captive, or represent only one company, we are partnered with multiple insurance companies, which enables us to present our clients with options. And since variety is the spice of life, we believe this is a major factor in our success. Regardless of what policy you’re in the market for, you need options to choose from. We recommend getting quotes from at least three different companies to ensure you're getting the best policy available.

Time Savings

Another benefit of being an independent agency is the amount of time we save our clients.Sure, you can contact three companies on your own, but why waste so much of your time? With one phone call, we can get you comparable quotes from multiple companies, thus ensuring you’re getting the most competitive rates out there. And since time is money, you'll enjoy double savings when you choose Wiedemann.

Personal Service

We believe personal service goes a long way in making a company truly successful. And being independent allows us to go the extra mile for our clients, undoubtedly producing secure connections, expanding our network and solidifying our business reputation. This is especially important in today’s digital world where consumers are used to instant gratification and answers at the click of a mouse. Most are tempted to go online looking for fast coverage, but it often ends up costing them more in the long run. Dealing with e-commerce insurance is risky behavior, not only when considering the proper coverage amounts for your specific needs, but also in the fine print, which can cause you unforeseen issues down the road. What’s worse, when you have a question or claim and call the toll-free number, the only help they offer is automated. Where’s the customer service? Don’t trust your protection to an impersonal computer program that doesn’t have the ability to consider your needs and how they can be best met, stop by our office to speak to someone in person or give us a call to schedule a consultation.  


We’re proud to belong to many groups that help foster our business relationships, increase our knowledge and experience, and also help build positive, helpful relationships with our clients. This time of year, we like to focus on the OAA (Oklahoma Agents Alliance), whose mission it is to offer local, independent agents the ability to remain independent while establishing their agency and expanding their professional reach. Some of the numerous benefits we (and, in turn, you) reap through our membership include:

  • Training and education opportunities
  • SIAA national incentive
  • Access to expert advice and resources
  • Business insurance opportunities
  • Excess and surplus lines options
  • Increased value, income and commissions
  • The Agency Foundation helps build a solid, reputable agency

Earlier this month, we attended the OAA’s 15th annual Success Celebration; a nod to the past year’s industry activity, which awards the members based on things like performance and profitability. Over 200 people in attendance welcomed new members, inducted existing members into the Hall of Fame and accepted profit sharing awards totaling nearly five million dollars.

We’re beyond excited to announce that out of 120+ agencies, Wiedemann received awards for Top Performing Agency and Profitability, an acknowledgement so huge to us, we just had to share the good news with you.

This is monumental for us, but it’s even bigger for our clients. The better we produce for the industry, the better we are taking care of our clients, which is really what’s at the heart of our company’s mission: Individuals over things. Relationships over money.


We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line or head on over to our website to learn more about Wiedemann Insurance Agency and how our independence enables us to offer exceptional service and products to our clients.

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