5 Ways to be the Most Safety-Savvy Dad Alive

5 Ways to be the Most Safety-Savvy Dad Alive

5 Ways to be the Most Safety-Savvy Dad Alive

When it comes to being a dad, there's no doubt one of your main concerns is the safety of your family. You put up fencing in the yard, install a security alarm and make the switch from sports car to family-friendly SUV, all in an effort to protect them. It makes you wonder how a lot of us survived growing up in times before some of these modern-day safety measures existed. How did Dad keep us safe back then?

Looking back, there were probably a ton of things your dad did with your safety in mind, including giving you oodles of life advice. Does the phrase, “You’ll understand someday when you have kids,” ring a bell? It's funny that no matter how much the times may change, certain things will always be true. You can count on most of the advice your father gave you to remain relevant over the years. Commonplace “Daddisms” apply to all sorts of real-life situations, even insurance. And there's a reason we consider them cliche; they work. Maybe Dad knew what he was talking about after all.

Here’s how modern-day dads can apply old-school dad advice to become their family’s safety superhero:

Stop and Smell the Roses

You've surely heard someone say this before and more than likely it was your father. Maybe he was telling you to slow down while you were riding your bike as a child, or when you turned 16 and got behind the wheel for the first time. Chances are, he said it as he watched you rushing your school years away or when you were working overtime, clamoring up the career ladder. So many times our elders tell us to stop and smell the roses; you never know what you'll miss while you're rushing through life. And, looking back, boy were they right.

Slowing down applies to numerous situations in life, but in the insurance world, it's the best way to stay on top of your family's safety. There are various policies every family needs to shelter them from loss; take your time choosing the right ones.Don’t put their safety in the hands of a website promising you instant peace of mind, seek an experienced agency that will spend time getting to know your needs and go the extra mile to make sure everything is covered.

Change the Oil

Literally, this is referring to regular vehicle maintenance, which is great advice for extending the life of your car. But, more figuratively, it means to maintain your life. To really take care of your family, there are certain things that must be maintained on a regular basis:

For starters, yourself- Establishing an exercise routine and getting an annual checkup are great ways to maintain your health and doing so sets a positive example for other family members.

Your home and property- Clean the gutters, wash the windows, fix the leaky roof, keep the weeds clear; you get the point. Staying on top of issues around the house is crucial to your family's safety and to extending the life of one of your greatest investments--your home base.

Your insurance policies- Performing annual reviews of your policies is always a great idea. Read the fine print, double-check coverage amounts, compare premiums and make sure to add protection for any new additions to the family.

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

This one goes back to simpler times when keeping up with the Jones’ wasn’t a concern, people worked hard for everything they had and getting the latest gadget released by Apple wasn’t even a part of their wildest dreams. Anyone remember those days?

More than likely, everyone's dad has something they've held on to far longer than deemed acceptable by society, and why? Because it still works. It's as simple as that. It never occurred to him to replace the console tv until the 1990’s because it wasn't necessary; if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Scott Wiedemann and His Father
Living simply or “within your means” is some of the best advice Dad ever gave. It protects your current and future finances and sets a great example for your kids. Contact us to learn about insurance policies custom-tailored to your needs and financial situation.

If It Is Broken, Fix It

Likewise, if something isn't working, make it right again. So many of us have fallen into the habit of instant-gratification; if something stops working, we replace it. Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned elbow grease?

Don't let the dust settle on things in your life that can be fixed; make the classic car run again, do home renovations instead of moving to a new home and always adjust your insurance policies if they aren't working right for your family.

Contact Wiedemann

Sometimes you need a little help with your family’s safety and that’s why we’re here for you. With over 30 years in business, Wiedemann has the experience necessary to cover all your family’s insurance needs. With one quick phone call, we can help you achieve superior coverage, giving you peace of mind knowing your family is protected. Visit our website for more information or to learn more about Wiedemann. Now is your time to be a superhero safety dad.


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