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Life Insurance

When you can’t be there for the people who depend on you financially, life insurance will help you provide for them. Upon the death of the insured person, life insurance will pay out either a lump sum or payments for a set period of time. Life insurance can be used for funeral expenses, help to replace your lost income, take care of your debts, pay your mortgage, finance your children’s education, or fund the continuation or transfer of a business or farm.  There are several different types of life insurance: Term, Whole Life, and Universal Life.  Call us to help you decide which one is best for you.


Supplemental Health Insurance

You can’t always know when illnesses will strike, but you can know how your family will be protected against financial strain resulting from the serious illness. Supplemental health insurance plans give you a means to help pay for some of the expenses associated with an illness such as unexpected expenses associated with covered illnesses, handling the burden of everyday expenses, and helping you recover from loss of income that can occur during treatment and recovery.


Individual Health Insurance (Under 65 – Affordable Care Act)

Individual or family health insurance is, quite simply, coverage that an individual purchases for themselves or their family members. A good individual health insurance plan can help you live a healthier life through resources, support, and access to healthcare providers. Insurance plans can include coverage for medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy. We can help you with plans included in the Marketplace/Exchange that may include a premium subsidy, or with plans outside of the Marketplace/Exchange.


Employee Benefits

Employee benefits programs can include group health insurance, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, group life insurance, profit sharing plans, employee stock plans, 401k plans, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, short &/or long term disability, dental, vision, and optional supplemental and accident plans.


Disability Insurance

18.5% of Americans are currently living with a Disability, and 1 out of 4 25 year olds entering in the US workforce will suffer a disabling injury before retirement. Disability Insurance provides for periodic payments of benefits if you’re disabled and unable to work. Most people don’t realize the risk of becoming disabled permanently or temporarily, at some point in their lives is 25%. This insurance product is designed to replace anywhere from 45 to 65% of your gross income on a tax-free basis should illness keep you from earning an income in your occupation.  We represent several of the leading providers of disability insurance, call us for a quote today.


Medicare Health Plans

Original Medicare: Part A (Hospital Insurance) &/or Part B (Medical Insurance).  Medicare provides this coverage directly. You have your choice of doctors, hospitals, and other providers that accept Medicare. Part A was paid for while you were working from part of your payroll taxes. Part B has a monthly premium that you can set up to be taken out of your social security check.

Medicare Supplement: You may want to get coverage that fills the gaps in Original Medicare coverage. You can choose to buy a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy from a private insurance company. To cover the deductibles and co-payments that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Medicare Advantage Plan: Part C includes BOTH Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance) is provided by private insurance companies approved by Medicare.  In most plans, you need to use plan doctors, hospital, and other providers or you may pay more or all of the cost. You may pay a small monthly premium (in addition to your Part B premium) and a copayment or coinsurance for covered services. Costs, extra coverage, and rules vary by plans. Most plans include Part D Prescription Drug coverage.

Prescription Drug Plan: Part D plans are run by private companies approved by Medicare. You usually pay a monthly premium which vary by policy and company. We can enter your current prescriptions and pharmacy into the program to find the least expensive and best overall plan for you.


Long-Term Care or Nursing Home Insurance

Individuals who require long-term care are generally not sick in the traditional sense, but instead, are unable to perform the basic activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, eating, continence, transferring (getting in and out of a bed or chair), and walking.  Most people don’t realize that Medicare does not cover long-term care. By helping to protect your assets, and giving you choice and control over where you receive care – including in your home, an assisted living center or a nursing home—LTC insurance helps you and your family face the future with confidence. We represent most of the leading LTC Insurance companies. Let us help you to qualify for this coverage.


Accident Insurance

Accident insurance helps you handle the medical and out-of-pocket costs after an accidental injury. This can include emergency treatment, hospital stays and medical exams, and other expenses you may face, such as transportation and lodging depending on your customized plan.


Group Health

Group Health is an employee benefit plan established or maintained by an employer or by an employee organization (such as a union), or both, that provides medical care to employees and their dependents. We represent most of the major Group Health companies in Oklahoma and can help you with both fully funded and self-funded plans.


Family Health Plans

Family life can be full of good times, but it can also be stressful when medical issues are apart of the family. Family health plans can give your loved ones the health care they need, keep unexpected medical costs down, and give you peace of mind. Plans include coverage for medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy.


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